Hours Per WeekMonthly RateHours Per WeekMonthly Rate
30 Min$455 Hours$170
45 Min$555.5 Hours$180
1 Hour$656 Hours$190
1.5 Hours$856.5 Hours$200
2 Hours$1007 Hours$210
2.5 Hours$1157.5 Hours$220
3 Hours$1258 Hours$230
3.5 Hours$1408.5 Hours$240
4 Hours$1509 Hours$250
4.5 Hours$160Each Add 1/2 Hour$10


Family Discount* – Each additional family member enrolled will receive a 10% discount on tuition.


Teacher, Police Officer, Firefighter, and Military Discounts Available

Class Cards

Purchase a punch card which allows you to drop into classes as your schedule permits.  Dancers using class cards are not permitted to participate in the annual production.


10 Classes – $130


Registration Fee

A $30 annual registration fee  will be assessed at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  New students enrolling for the Summer Session will not be required to pay the registrations fee until the Fall Semester.